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Roasting coffee to taste as good as it smells

Where it started

Hello! My name is John Miller and I live in the beautiful (and small) town of Rosebud, Alberta. 

My coffee journey started in 1985. I lived on a small island off the coast of British Columbia called Thetis Island. There was a coffee roaster on the island named "The Pot of Gold Coffee Roasting Company". They had a San Franciscan coffee roaster that had beautiful brass designs. This became my source for coffee (and chocolate covered beans)! And this was the beginning of my passion for coffee. 

I first began roasting coffee in a frying pan and then a hot air popcorn popper. I soon graduated to a home made roaster made out of a stainless steel pot and burner. And finally bit the bullet and bought a 1 Kg coffee roaster - and the Rose Cottage Coffee Company was born.

My goal is simple - to roast coffee that tastes as good as it smells... so welcome to the Rose Cottage Coffee Company!

- John Miller



“I don’t know where to start! It smells delicious & tastes delicious. John personally showed me how he roasts the coffee, which was such a cool experience to see! Highly recommend ! The website is very user friendly & shipping is fast too"

Cindy Manley

"I’m a huge fan of Rose Cottage’s Papua New Guinea blend. Best I’ve ever had"

Royal Sproule

"When you've hit snooze on your alarm for the 5th time, nothing gets you out of bed like the thought of a cup of coffee from Rose Cottage Coffee. It is smooth and wholesome tasting...not bitter or acidic like some expensive coffee brands we've tried. You wont go wrong here!"

Ben Bechtold

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